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Lockdown life

My art is an expression of the events that have shaped my world, bringing attention to beauty among chaos. For the past two years I have been creating abstract landscape of the city on canvas and smooth satin paper (200gsm). I have a keen interest in geometrical shapes, angles and patterns and like to use them to highlight the stark structured landscapes of London. My latest pieces, on canvas, is an upcycle, semi-collage work, where I have used expired sim-cards to portray the reflection of the sun on the Iconic buildings of London. My inspiration to use expired sim-cards as a resource for my paintings came when I found myself having to throw away the sim-cards whilst working as a shop owner. The Sim-cards were also used to signify how, despite the world being in lockdown, we were all still fortunate to be well connected through means of various technologies. London is a hub for all things from business to art and thus I try to capture this variety by using mixed media in my paintings.

These four paintings are a result of life during the pandemic. 

  1. Light in the darkness - My first piece pays tribute to all the healthcare workers that worked tirelessly throughout the course of the pandemic. Their selfless work and acts of heroism have been vital to getting our lives back to normal and hence this tribute to them and the NHS.

  2. Prayer - St Pauls, one of the worlds most iconic religious buildings, is at the forefront of this painting to show how we are all praying for each others good health and better times ahead. 

  3. Mask it – The Thames barrier is an iconic part of the London landscape and its unique structure resembles the face mask which we have all become accustomed to this year. Just as the barrier functions to stop flooding and disasters, face masks functions to prevent the spread of the virus and hence also prevent disaster.

  4. Zoom in – With everyone stuck indoors, zoom became the norm for socialising and keeping in touch with friends and family.

  5. Sim City – London is the most diverse and metropolitan city in the world and this piece emphasises London’s connectivity to the rest of the world.

Zoom in
NHS light in the darkness
Mask it
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