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Plasticated Fish

January 02, 2018

I was inspired to create this piece after reading about the growing issues created by over-usage and abuse of plastic and its impact  on wildlife and especially sea creatures. I was further motivated by the popular BBC series 'Blue Planet' in which the 'War on Plastic' was highlighted as being one of the biggest dangers to sea life. It depicted these beautiful Ocean creatures being tangled and caught in plastic strings and straw as well as mistaking microbeads from plastic as food and subsequently consuming it. 

Space Debris

February 08, 2018

Space junk is a growing danger. There are about 25,000 human-made objects larger than the size of your fist in orbit and about half a million pieces bigger than a dime. This piece therefore reflects the notion that the ramifications of our damage through plastic waste and production goes far beyond our own home planet but extends to outer space too. 

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